New papers

Work on ALD-coated catalysts and In clustering in InGaN LEDs by Fengyuan and Andy  respectively has recently been published in ACS Catalysis and Microscopy and Microanalysis.

Li’s paper on BMG thin films published

Li’s paper “Effect of annealing on the compositional heterogeneity and structure in zirconium-based bulk metallic glass thin films” has been published in a special issue of Thin Solid Films devoted to bulk metallic glass thin …

Jinwoo Hwang wins 2014 Albert Crewe award

Former Voyles group member Jinwoo Hwang has won the 2014 Albert Crewe award from the Microscopy Society of America.  This is the most prestigious physical science post-doc award given out by the society.  Congratulations, Jinwoo!

Two papers published

Two papers that Fengyuan Shi contributed to have now been published.  One paper discusses the effect of non-stoichiometry on the TMR of Co2MnSi MTJs and the other covers stabilization of base metal catalysts by ALD overcoating. …