Sachin Muley



Sachin was born in Chhindwara, a small town in central India and grew up in Nagpur. He completed his Bachelor of Technology degree in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee. He is currently a graduate student in the Materials Engineering Program at UW Madison, and works as a research assistant in Prof. Voyles’ group.

Research Interest

  • Bulk metallic glass structure in thin films.


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  2. S.V. Muley, ”Simulations of grain growth and coarsening with an orientation-field model”, ‘Best paper award’ for oral presentation in Advances in Computational Materials Science category at International Conference on Emerging Materials and Processes-2014, Bhubaneswar, India. ISBN: 978-81-928552-1-9 (2014) 232-236.
  3. S.V. Muley, S.P. Singh, P.Sinha, P.P. Bhingole, G.P. Chaudhari, ”Microstructural evolution in ultrasonically processed in situ AZ91 matrix composites and their mechanical and wear behavior”, Materials and Design, 53 (2014) 475-481.