Jason wins poster award at BMG XI

Jason won a poster award at the BMG XI, the 11th International Conference on Bulk Metallic Glasses for his poster “Medium-Range Structure of Zr-Cu-Al Bulk Metallic Glasses from Structure Optimization Based on Fluctuation Microscopy”. Congratulations, …

Paper on BN and graphene growth

Ashutosh has contributed to a paper demonstrating layer-by-layer controlled growth of h-BN on Co and h-BN / graphene heterostructures, which has appeared in Langmuir.

New paper on black spot defects in SiC

Yizhang and Li contributed to a paper on correlations between black spot defects (small point defect clusters) and swelling in irradiated SiC, which has just appeared in Journal of Nuclear Materials.

Welcome post-doc Zhongnan Xu

Zhongnan Xu has joined the group as a joint post-doc  with the Computational Materials Group to work on structure optimization for catalysis.  Zhongnan comes to us from John Kitchin’s group at Carnegie Mellon University.