Jason Maldonis

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Jason grew up in Beloit, Wisconsin just north of the Wisconsin-Illinois border. He received his B.A in physics and mathematics (as well as a computer science minor) from Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 2009. During his undergraduate career, Jason primarily studied oxide glasses. In the summer of 2011 he also worked to develop a fast, radiation-hard scintillator for the CMS detector at CERN, and in 2012 he interned at Corning, Inc. Jason is now a student at UW Madison under Dr. Paul Voyles. His research interests currently include experimental and simulated fluctuation electron microscopy (FEM) techniques as well as metallic and oxide glass structure/properties.


1. J.J. Bernstein, S. Feller, A. Ramm, J. North, J. Maldonis, M. Mescher, W. Robbins, B. Timmons. “All Solid State Ion-Conducting Cesium Source for Atomic Clocks,” Solid State Ionics 198 47-49 (2010).

Poster Presentations

1. International Congress on Glass, Salvador, Brazil (September ’10). “A physical property study of borovanadate and silicovanadate glasses.” Joseph North, Jason Maldonis, Chris Parrish, Alex Ramm, Mario Affatigato, Steve Feller, Scott Kroeker, Vladimir Michaelis, Blane Baker, Bikesh Dahal.

2. All-Iowa Glass Conference, Iowa State University, Ames, IA (August ’09). “Physical properties and structure of cesium borovanadate glasses.” Alex Ramm, Joseph North, Jason Maldonis, Mario Affatigato, Steve Feller, Scott Kroeker, and Vladimir Michaelis.