Monthly Archives: May 2016

Electron correlation microscopy wins best paper award!

Li and Pei’s paper on electron correlation microscopy has won the Best Techniques and Instrumentation Paper in the journal Microscopy and Microanalysis for 2016.  Congratulations to Li and Pei for this well-deserved recognition of their excellent work!

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Paper on BN and graphene growth

Ashutosh has contributed to a paper demonstrating layer-by-layer controlled growth of h-BN on Co and h-BN / graphene heterostructures, which has appeared in Langmuir.

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New paper on black spot defects in SiC

Yizhang and Li contributed to a paper on correlations between black spot defects (small point defect clusters) and swelling in irradiated SiC, which has just appeared in Journal of Nuclear Materials.

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